Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally | Flea Extermination Without Chemicals

Get Rid Of Fleas NaturallyGetting rid of fleas in the home is not always easy. In the old days it was as simple as spraying your house with pesticides. Despite what the makers say, the ingredients used in these extermination products can be potentially hazardous to human health. We have no idea what long-term use can do, as their use in the home is relatively recent. This means that more and more people are looking for ways to get rid of fleas naturally.

Once flea bites on humans have been noted or cat or dog fleas have been seen, it’s safe to assume that you need to take action. Believe me, having fleas in house is never pleasant, and you need to tackle the problem as soon as you can.

How To Get Rid Of Fleas in Your House by Natural Means

Laundering Bedding and Linens

Washing bed linens, pet beds and other upholstery in the home on hot cycles can help to get rid of the fleas naturally. Cold cycles are effective at washing, but not often effective at exterminating fleas in the home. For upholstery, use a steam cleaner on the highest setting to get rid of fleas.

Use Garlic for Pets

Spreading garlic oil or cloves on the skin of the pets can reduce dog fleas and human flea bites. Fleas don’t like the taste of garlic and spreading the oil that oozes out of the natural plant onto the skin of the pets can reduce the bites and the infestation by deterring the fleas from making a home in the pets’ fur.

Groom the Pet

Give the family pet a bath and start with the neck. Starting with the neck reduces the chance that fleas from the body are going to jump up to the head. Don’t be alarmed to see fleas floating in the bath; it’s normal for pets with fleas. For the best results, use a gentle shampoo that contains natural ingredients to get rid of fleas. This kills fleas just as efficiently as the toxic chemicals most anti-flea shampoos contain and will not poison the environment.

More Ways To Get Rid of Fleas Naturally

To get rid of fleas naturally, you want to adopt a policy that is half prevention and half choosing the right products. Choosing herbal flea collars can help to control the fleas and regular inspection of pets (dogs, cats and rabbits) can help to control the fleas and reduce the chances that the infestation is going to affect your home.

Using popular herbs like pennyroyal planted around the home can reduce the flea bites. This happens because the little devils can’t stand the oil the plant secretes. It’s important to plant it an area where it’s not going to be eaten by pets or where children are going to come into contact with it. Use only the natural plant and not concentrated pennyroyal oil, as this can be toxic and can kill more than the fleas.

Herbal flea collars, herbs planted in the home and citrus sprays can be used to rid your home of fleas in a natural way, without risking the harmful chemicals that are found in traditional flea sprays and pesticides. If you can get rid of fleas naturally, you definitely should.

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